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Kevin Gullickson’s decision to keep the cool moniker of his newly disbanded group Radio Drive when he launched his solo career in 2009 proved to be prophetic. Forging an uplifting, sonically eclectic vibe best described as “motivational rock,” the prolific singer/songwriter’s first three releases—Dream The Impossible (2009), Life Today  (2010) and I Can See The World From Here—received impressive reviews around the globe and extensive airplay on online, college and indie stations in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Life Today also hit the Top 40 charts on CJSW Radio in Calgary, Canada. Expanding his rich palette of sounds even further, Gullickson’s latest Radio Drive project  finds the multi-talented artist firmly declaring that This Is Our Time.  While it’s rare for an indie artist just starting to build a following to put out new albums so frequently, Gullickson’s always eager to share his latest sonic discoveries and lyrics that aim to uplift individuals in a time where so many feel deep despair. Like his previous recording, the new 11 track collection was mixed and mastered by Grammy Award winner Gene Paul, son of the legendary Les Paul, who has worked similar magic for many years with legends like Led Zeppelin, Paul Simon, Rolling Stones, Bono and John Coltrane. In an honest assessment of his growth as a writer and producer, Gullickson believes that the songs and production on This Is Our Time are more developed  than on his previous efforts. “I think with the first two CDs I tried to keep within a song structure,” he says. “It’s good to know the rules but after a while, you’ve got to break them. The most popular songs on Life Today were also the most creative ones—which taught me that if I let go of the calculated song structure and let the song express itself and take its own direction, I would be giving the song more freedom. This time, I also spent more time searching for new and different sounds that worked within the songs. I love working with MIDI and have extensive sound libraries. I’ve added more  dimension to the guitar parts, looking for FX to add the right flavor to the part.” The other element that’s immediately compelling on This Is Our Time is Gullickson’s clever way with encouraging, inspiring words. On the bluesy electric rocker “Borders,” he urges listeners to “Let your imagination take you far away/Beyond the confines of your only mind…Beyond the Borders you define.” On the trippy and hypnotic edgy pop tune “Life Is For Living,” Gullickson sings, “You planned and prepared for this day/Tired of Being A Spectator, it’s time to play…Life is For Living…Get your game on and participate.” And on the shuffling, keyboard and guitar driven “New Direction” (a piece very much inspired by John Lennon), he reflects, “Every Year, every step, needs a new beginning.” The singer captures the overall positive minded theme of the album on the hard driving title track: “This is our time to come alive inside/Do more than survive/Time to thrive.”  CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL BIOGRAPHY AS A PDF FILE