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Radio Drive | Promote Your Page Too
c2017 2EDGE Music
“I love your sound...it’s absolutely astounding”.  CA Marshall, Starlight Music Chronicles, Aug 2015 "...some of the best music I've heard".  Rachel Slionski, Music Director, TSR 24/7 Radio NYC, Feb 2014 “Slick pop-ready rock in vein of Depeche Mode via Coldplay”.  Devon Jackson, Magazine Editor, Freelance Journalist (Rolling Stone Magazine, Village Voice), March 2014 ‘Radio Drive has quickly found themselves on the fast track in the indie rock scene.  Keep an eye out for them’.  Aliiive Magazine, Sept 2014 “Radio Drive is onto something important about expression through pop music; they deserve to be listened to...”  MusicPerk Magazine, Sept 2014 “Radio Drive’s “A Taste Of Heaven” is a joyous anthem that exudes a blaze of glorious melodic sunshine, with a chorus so catchy you’ll be singing it in the shower. Lead vocalist Kevin Gullickson delivers the goods with feel-good pluck, while kaleidoscopic ” Chuck Taylor, Entertainment journalist,  formerly writer, editor and critic for Billboard magazine
Just released She Colors My World Mastered by Robert L. Smith (credits include Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Aerosmith and more) Buy it now at most major online stores!